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10 Secrets from the World's Top Coaches That Can Make or Break Your Career

American Management AssociationLearn their secrets and get the answers to your toughest questions! In this dynamic program, a top executive coach will lead a provocative discussion with the world's most renowned coaches and two global CEO's: Virgin's Sir Richard Branson and GE's Jeffrey Immelt. Get world-class advice and practical tools you can use to keep your career on an upward path.
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AMA Webinar and Q&A with Sir Richard Branson: Becoming the Most Valuable Player for Your Organization

American Management Association Bestselling authors Mark Thompson, Sir Richard Branson and Bonita Buell-Thompson, along with researcher Stanford Prof. Clifford Nass, have assembled new, clear strategies for anyone wanting to become a truly valued contributor both at work and in their personal lives.
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Leading Your Own Life: A New Approach to Employee Engagement

American Management AssociationIn this fast-paced Webcast, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Mark Thompson and Bonita Buell-Thompson will discuss employee engagement from a different perspective. Together they will outline strategies that individual employees can use to become more engaged and to measure their own increase in engagement. You'll hear about the good work being done in companies and show how internally-driven engagement can support organizationally-driven engagement.
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Double Your Value

American Management AssociationDouble Your Value: How to Get Paid More and Be More Valuable to Your Customers and Your Company explores the inside story behind the key principles revealed in best-selling authors Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy's groundbreaking new book Now, Build a Great Business. Discover three secrets that unlock value for every person who matters to your success, five ways to present your services to maximize your value over your competitor's and much more! Attending this Webinar is free (registration required) and offered by the American Management Association.
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The World's Leading Online Event for Coaches

American Management AssociationWorld-class coaching tools, frameworks, and methodologies to land and retain high-end clients.
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