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Washington Engagement and Global Government & NGO Impact

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Mark Thompson selected to keynote globally on behalf of the U.S. Ambassadors in 12 nations.

Nature Conservancy
Thompson and Goldsmith delivered leadership programs as Goldman Sach's Mark Tercek who is now CEO of The Nature Conservancy, continues to build the effectiveness and innovation for the world's largest manager of public lands in more than 100 nations. At TNC headquarters in Washington D.C., managers and employees experience 1:1 and group leadership and innovation training which has increased the impact of the organization with governments, NGOs and private commercial interests on every continent in the world.
World Economic Forum
Thompson keynoted for WEF in Beijing, Delhi, Tel Aviv, Davos, Geneva, Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, London, Dubai, Rio de Janiero, and Durban, South Africa. Thompson's first bestseller was written at Davos at the WEF based on 500 interviews, from President Clinton and Bush and Carter, to Bill Gates and Nelson Mandela. He has served as Securities Industry Governor, WEF member and faculty and panelist over the years, and at the 2014 Davos summit, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson published globally Mark Thompson's Five inspiring lessons from Mandela's last visit to the World Economic Forum.

Most Admired
Thompson was recognized in the Middle East as one of the World's Most Admired Leadership Coaches for business, government, and entrepreneurs.
Thompson keynoted for the Arab Society of Human Resources Management global summit gala dinner with His Highness Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in Dubai. Thompson also keynoted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Abu Dhabi.

Virgin Entrepreneur, World Business Forum NYC
Thompson keynoted and lead seminars for Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson's 350 global companies to build the sales force's ability to engage with customers and increase entrepreneurial thinking within the company. At the White House, Thompson joined CEOs and entrepreneurs at the West Wing to review U.S. business growth and global competitiveness. Here's Virgin's report on Mark Thompson's meeting with President Obama:

Mark and Bonita Thompson

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