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The Success Course

Available in 2009

What are your strengths? How can you get ahead in your work, ignite the power of your team and build stronger relationships? This fun and easy online course gives you the simple, secret formula for lasting success at work and at home. Once you've taken the Success Perspectives quiz (available through TalentSmart below), you're ready to do something about making success happen in your organization, in your career and in your life.

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Level Five Coaching Package

Mark Thompson provides Level 5 one-on-one executive coaching to qualified candidates who wish to strengthen their leadership skills or increase their prospects for career advancement. Contact us by email at or .

• Your Success Profile

The TalentSmart/Success Built To Last Assessment is NOW available.

Take this simple quiz to find out your Success PerspectiveTM. In our research, the authors identified what successful people have in common and what you can do to achieve lasting success. Most individuals have a tendency to define success in one of three ways-we call them success profiles-and we discovered that the big challenge for successful people is to find a way to balance and align these three dimensions. When you know your success profile, you will be in a much better position to create lasting success. And when you know the success profiles of each of your team members, you will know better how to identify the best roles for each individual, increase performance and have more fun doing it.

This easy quiz is based on our World Success Survey and was developed in cooperation with our partner, TalentSmart, the assessment test experts who brought you the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal and Workbook and many other useful tools.

Click here to learn more about this powerful and simple way to achieve lasting success in your organization and your life.

“Mark will give your team the Best Coaching you'll ever get” - Marshall Goldsmith.

  • "What is the first letter of the alphabet?"

“Mark will give your team the Best Coaching you'll ever get” - Marshall Goldsmith.

  • "What is the first letter of the alphabet?"

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