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An Interview with Mark & Vinod Kumar, MD and CEO, Tata Communications

Mark Thompson
Read more of Vinod’s message and watch his interview with Mark.

Vinod Kumar, CEO, Tata Communications & Mark Thompson discuss opportunities, challenges, and the art of disruption in the coming year.

"I spend a lot of my time talking to key players and interesting people in the industry to learn about new trends, understand new opportunities and threats in the market as well as to bounce my thinking off some of the experts out there. Most recently, I had the privilege to meet with Mark Thompson. Take a look at the interview. I hope it gives you some insights not only into my thinking for us as a business, but also some valuable points of view from one of the world’s most influential innovation drivers and coaches." —Vinod Kumar, CEO, Tata Communications

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Billionaire entrepreneurs relate the warning signals they wished they had seen before making bad decisions.  When I ask self-made billionaires what they wish they knew when they started out in business, one of the insights they most frequently share points … Continue reading

February 21, 2015

Mark's Business Blogs at Virgin & Huffington Post

Virgin Unite Mandela's five strategies from Davos Mandela's five strategies from Davos As global leaders meet for the penultimate day of the World Economic Forum 2014, Mark C Thompson shares a late night conversation he once had there with Nelson Mandela.

Virgin Entrepreneur Virgin Entrepreneur What Steve Jobs taught me Mark Thompson guest blogs on the valuable entrepreneurial tips he received from the late, great Steve Jobs...


What happened when an entrepreneur met the President BY MARK THOMPSON
Join the discussion on Richard Branson's LinkedIn Blog.

President Obama with Mark Thompson on 2013 Inaguration-morning meeting

Leader Power Tools Stephen Covey and Mark C. Thompson My dear friend Stephen Covey taught me: You Can Have It All, But Not All at Once. I sat with Steve in his backyard one afternoon and asked the guru: If you could choose just one of the seven habits, which one meant the most to him personally... It was a rare monent.

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What Leaders Say About Mark

Coca Cola Company
"Presentation was great and really supported us with customers... looking forward to continue working with Mark!"
Alfredo Rivera, President, Latin Central, Coca Cola Company.
Janssen Biotech, Inc.
"Feedback was exceptional for your talk. Appreciate the support and engagement of our team. "
Scott White, President Oncology, Janssen Biotech, Inc.
Janssen Biotech, Inc.
"...Your story resonated with our team and contributed to the workshops we conducted this morning with our managers."
Robert Fahey, National Sales Director, Janssen Biotech, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
"Loved your talk. Do you have versions of it on YouTube? Would love to see it again and share it."
Stuart M. McGuigan, Chief Information Officer
Xerox UK
" inspiration...the people you've worked for, the experiences that you've got, the way that you bring that to life with such clarity, humor, passion and energy, was really quite inspiring. It made a big difference to me and the members of my team...fantastic..."
Darren Cassidy, Managing Director
Charles Schwab Corp.
"Thanks for Mark's contributions to Schwab's successes!"
Charles R. Schwab, Founder, Charles Schwab Corp
"I really enjoyed your session. Like you, I'm convinced so much can be solved with #engagement!"
Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer
Virgin Group
"Mark and Bonita reveal powerful strategies that help you make it happen."
Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group
New York Stock Exchange
"...Mark really understands the opportunities within our industry--who's making it grow and where we're heading."
Laura V. Morrison, Sr. Vice President, New York Stock Exchange
World Economic Forum
"I really enjoyed Success Built to Last. (Let's) use the lessons for an interactive discussion in Davos."
Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman; World Economic Forum
Tata Communications
"I felt energized and pumped up after meeting you--I certainly have a lot to learn from you."
Vinod Kumar, Managing Director & CEO, Tata Communications
"You were awesome...really connected messages to Cisco and our partners... Made it personal and special."
Edison Peres, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Channels, Cisco
HP Enterprise Services, Americas
"Enjoyed your presentation at the HP ES kick-off last week. You did a great job."
Michael Foley, Sales Leader Energy & Utilities HP Enterprise Services,
"We were thrilled to have Mark present at NIKE HQ... overwhelming high marks..."
Suzanne Hilton-Esaki, Director of Transition Management, Nike
American Academy of Audiology
"Many thanks for helping us "bring some magic" to our colleagues."
Dr. Bettie Borton, President, American Academy of Audiology, CEO, Doctors Hearing Clinic
The Hershey Company
"Fantastic...his messages were inspirational and right on target... and will help take us to the next level..."
Michael Wege, Chief Commercial Officer, The Hershey Company
""You clearly had a passion for the subject matter, which just makes it that much more engaging and interesting!""
Jaime Weber, Sales Excellence Operations Manager, Microsoft
"Thank you @XeroxEvents, an inspiring #SimpleAtWork esp talks by Baroness Shields, Mark Thompson, Sir Ken Robinson, & @Xerox CEO Ursula Burns"
Stuart Cochran, Chief Technology Officer, Huddle
ThinkPad - Lenovo
"You were spot on... feedback was very positive. They liked it, they wanted to learn more, everyone asked for your presentation."
Daryl Cromer, Vice President, PC Innovation Lab, Lenovo
Wells Fargo
"Mark, your keynote was 'super fantastic'. It couldn't have been any better. Thank you for modifying to fit our very diverse audience."
Jittaun Phillips, CMP, Senior Meeting Planner, Wells Fargo
"Mark did a great job today. As usual, he was helping us through the consumer experience and asking the tough questions..."
Jan Collier, AT&T University, VP Global Human Resource Operations, AT&T
Loral Space Systems
"I really enjoyed the presentation--actually it was much more--it was a dialogue and we felt included... I found it very useful and enlightening..."
John Celli, President, Loral Space Systems
Ford Motor Company
"Your videos on leadership are wonderful!!!!! Thank you Mark--so special to work together with you."
Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company
"We felt energized and positive after the event! Thanks for taking the time to get to know our team before giving your talk."
Scott Kohler, Senior HR Director, Genentech
"Really appreciate what you did for our sales organization... an excellent job of incorporating our priorities, very relevant, very inspiring. Very well done."
Doug Hinzie, Vice President of the Americas for Chevron Lubricants
John Deere
"Thompson's message is right on target..."
Robert Lane, CEO, John Deere
RE/MAX Realty
"You did an awesome job for us!"
David Brown, Senior Executive Vice President, RE/MAX Realty
Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
"...your remarks hit the notes I was looking for!"
Michael C. Holt, Chief Executive Officer Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
McKinsey Sweden
"Our clients were inspired and energized by your extraordinary message."
Johan Soor, McKinsey Sweden
"Your keynote address was extremely well received... thanks for helping make this year's ASTD Leaders Conference the most successful to date!"
Tony Bingham, President, ASTD
KANA - A Verint Company
"He not only did a great job delivering the keynote, he took the time to get to know our business, our solutions and...some of our customers before the conference. That's his style."
Scott Hays, Sr. Director, Product Marketing
"Thompson's inspiring message is just what your leadership team needs! He customizes his keynotes to provide action..."
Susanne Lyons, Chief Marketing Officer, VISA
"Just a phenomenal presentation. It was uplifting and also very informative. He gave really good strategies, highly engaging."
Ed Hoffman, Chief Knowledge Officer
The Four Seasons Restaurant
"Mark and Brian teach you to build a successful business and life with clarity and care. Reading their words is like plugging into your personal battery charger. You will find the encouragement to become the unique leader you are meant to be."
Alex von Bidder, Managing Partner/Co-owner, Four Seasons Restaurant
The Hartford
"Mark just spoke to our top performers. He put the ideas into real world context--how each person interacts--he wove it all together beautifully. You could see in everyone's faces that it was a great event, something that they will remember."
Matthew Kirk, SVP Sales and Distribution, The Hartford

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